Be American

Our Beliefs

Be Proud. Be Grateful. Be American

We value simply being American, and showing love for one another, love for our country, and appreciation for the freedoms we are granted. These freedoms were hard-won and deserve our continued gratitude.

Regardless of political party, we should all be proud of our American identity and grateful for living in a free country. It is important to remember the sacrifices made for this country and to support each other as fellow Americans.

We are everyday patriots, individuals who remember the sacrifices that created our nation and gave us our freedom. Our goal is to ignite patriotism, unify Americans, and bring awareness to the sacrifices of our veterans.

Our Story

Be American was founded by two sisters, Jamie and Polly, who, despite having differing opinions, share a love for this country. Their grandfather served in WWII, and they were taught from a young age that true freedom and the opportunity to choose one's own path in life are rare gifts.

Watching Americans forget this lesson is what inspired them to create Be American. Jamie attended the Parson School of Design in New York, and she and Polly work together to develop designs, with Polly handling the artwork.

Throughout their work, their goal remains the same: to inspire others to pursue their dreams while also remembering the sacrifices that have enabled them to enjoy those freedoms.

veteran support

At least every 64 minutes on average, a veteran takes their own life. The number varies, but the point remains the same... Our veterans deserve better. Better help, better resources, and better guidance for coming back into civilian life. They are the reason we continue to enjoy the freedoms we hold so dearly.

We believe in the mission of Heroes and Horses. That is why every 64th sale is donated to their cause. Additionally, every sale of our Heroes and Horses hats is donated in full to them. Get a great hat and support a great cause.

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